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Can A Private Investigator Get Phone Records?

can a private investigator get phone records?

Can Investigators Get Phone Records?

Obtaining cell phone records can be done simply by logging into your online account to check your statement. When the account is not associated to you or the person requesting records, it becomes much more difficult. With the help of a private investigator and local law enforcement, we are able to assist. If law enforcement cannot help, a private investigator can still obtain additional information that the local public cannot. Private investigators use their network and the assistance of databases to obtain information.  Although these records are not protected under the fourth amendment or the Stored Communications Act, and law enforcement officials can access them with a subpeona, PIs follow different laws and regulations. Laws are very restrictive when obtaining these records, and we advise you to consult with private investigator.

How Can A Private Investigator Assist Me?

Private investigators are used to obtain information lawfully. Information gathering is at the soul of a private investigators ability, among other things. As stated above, investigators have the tools, equipment and access to information that much of the public does not. These are ways a private investigator can assist you:

  • Obtain information on a subject, such as online presence, and information provided in a background check
  • Obtain information on a business, partner or employees, revenue
  • Finding records, criminal records, liens, judgements, divorce or marriage records
  • Surveillance within the limits of the law
  • Conduct interviews of friends, family, acquaintances and colleagues

What a Private Investigator Can’t Do

Private investigators obtain information with legal purpose –well most ethical companies do. Unlike the movies, where an investigator quickly finds clues and evidence leading to case closure; conducting a real investigation takes time, patience and perseverance. Things licensed investigative agencies cannot do:

  • Ping cell phones without reasonable cause and permissible use
  • Use third party vendors to track cell phone locations
  • Obtain text messages without cause
  • Gather protected information without legal purpose
  • Wiretapping phones (one or more parties must give consent before recording conversations)

Investigators can obtain cell phone records, given we are speaking to the right person. If you or someone you know requires assistance in obtaining this information feel free to give us a call here at Privin Network.

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(Updated 12/10/22)

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