Are Private Investigators Worth It?

Are Private Investigators Worth It?

I get asked this question quite frequently. “Are Private Investigators Worth It?” The answer is based upon each client’s individual circumstances. Is this a domestic matter? Do you have legal counsel? Do you plan on taking the information given to you to court? All are very valid questions. When speaking with us, some clients appear shocked when they hear the hourly rate, or retainer for a given action plan, and investigation. Our hourly rate is typically in the ballpark of $100-$150 per hour and retainers for domestic cases can typically range anywhere from $1,500 – $5,000+. Our concise action plan typically yields the right answers, as we update the client along the way.

Many clients want to know how much a private investigator costs from the start. Prior to even discussing their case. I can attest that any client seeking quality service, will most likely not appreciate the outcome if they find the cheapest of service. Top tier private investigation firms take pride in their skill, knowledge, know-how and experience. The experience gathered over many years is worth something to a client seeking the right answers. Proper licensure, insurance, equipment, vehicles, and continued training for the “latest-and-greatest” is calculated in the cost. Rather than focusing on the hourly rate, get to know your investigator, understand the questions they ask:

  • Are they thorough?
  • Are the questions asked relevant?
  • Does the action plan they propose sound as if it would help your case?
  • What would the outcome possibly look like?
  • Would they be available in the event your case went to court?
  • What do they offer as a final report?
  • Do they have the proper equipment to conduct the investigation?

All important questions to ask your private investigator.

How Long Have They Been Conducting Private Investigations?

This is an excellent question to ask. Is the Investigator new to the industry? Do they have the proper background or training to conduct your investigation? Or, is the investigator possibly too old or does the profile match or is it a good fit? Great questions, and the answer might possibly be dependent upon the type of investigation you seek.

Example: I am seeking to locate someone from the early 60’s. They were a long lost friend, and they might not be alive. I served with them in the Army.

In this case, the older investigator might know tips or tricks to locate someone. They might possibly know someone where older archived records are held, as in this case Missouri.

Example: I want my spouse followed as I believe they might be engaging in acts of infidelity. I know they often frequent a sports bar and the female in question is somewhat younger. 

An older man following a couple out in public might raise red flags. The profile of your investigator is very important.

So, Is It Worth It To Hire A Private Investigator?

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If you are on the fence about hiring a private investigator, understand the legality behind doing it the right way. Contact a private investigator near you and discuss your case options with them.

After you describe your case to them, have them explain their process. The right investigator is worth it, and they’re out there.

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Are Private Investigators Worth It? I get asked this question quite frequently. “Are Private Investigators Worth It?” The answer