Bug Sweeping Services

The time we live in is equivalent to great technological innovations, which helped the development of many devices from different sectors, like medical, agricultural, safety and artificial intelligence.

When we think of “bugs”, we immediately associate them with detective or spy movies, or we might think they are used to secretly monitor the rich and famous, but this is far from the truth. These small devices can also be present in more personal spaces, like your business or home. Nowadays, they have grown incredibly sophisticated: bugs can include both audio and video capabilities, as well as Bluetooth or WIFI.


But what happens if you suspect that someone bugged your office, house, boardroom or car? How do you detect it? The good news is that there are professional bug sweeping services that can get you the help you need.

Below we gathered some information on what is a bug sweep and how it works in case of suspicions you might have related to surveillance

What Is A Bug Sweep?

Simply put, bug sweeping or debugging is special equipment used to detect any video or audio recording devices, and it is the informal name of the Technical Surveillance Counter Measures(TSCM). If you are in search of a bug sweep in Los Angeles, we can assist with detecting any bugs with the help of advanced counter-surveillance equipment and a highly qualified team.

Years ago, bugs were fairly simple devices that only relied on relay and audio pickups and were inserted into a landline phone, so the party who installed the device could hear the phone conversations. Today, they have developed into sophisticated devices but with the proper high-tech kits, a bug sweeping company can detect them and help you regain your peace of mind.


When Do You Need A Bug Sweeping Service?

Even if bugging devices are inexpensive and can even be bought online, they can be difficult to detect by someone who is not a professional in the field, like a private investigator or detective. Because some of these bugs are small, they can be planted in unexpected places, so it is recommended to have a bug sweep from time to time, especially in case of delicate information.

If you’re concerned about the security of your house or office being placed under surveillance, you should seek professional bug sweeping services for help. It is best to make a phone call from a line that is not personally associated with you, like a public phone. If you’re worried about the security of your home or your office, get in touch with our expert team to schedule a bug sweep – we will handle your case with the utmost discretion. We will also make sure you receive further guidance to safeguard your privacy.

Where can the bugs be placed?

 The most common places where such devices are planted are the walls, ceiling, vent, electrical wiring, telephone system, the wifi network or your car.

What To Expect From Bug Sweeping Services?

A trained professional with experience in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) can properly screen your home or office for bugs. A TSCM bug sweep service means a thorough inspection of your property, car or office space. It is professional and discreet and done by expert investigators, who know how bugs look or where to look for them. They are trained to locate these illicit surveillance devices by checking your property or office for any unconventional equipment or abnormalities. The areas searched include: phones, computer lines, appliances, phone cables, floors, electrical outlets, ceilings and walls, as even non-professional devices can be fitted into places where you would not expect and these cheap bugs can transmit data for a long time.

This is done by using several specialized instruments, such as multimeters, spectrum analyzers, phone wiretap detectors or frequency scanners.

What Types Of Bugs Do People Use?

In today’s highly competitive market, criminals, unhappy employees or even foreign states could use all kinds of means to retrieve information about your personal life or organization. This is why many companies take proactive measures to prevent this from happening. But what are the types of bugs people use to steal intellectual property?

People use different types of bugs for different purposes. For instance, listening devices are mostly used in a business setting, when trying to steal ideas or confidential information. Video recording bugs, on the other hand, are used in case of blackmail.

Bugs can be purchased online, where you can see bugs that can be fitted into bulbs, smoke alarms, or light switches. Even if they aren’t of a professional level, they can be difficult to spot without a professional’s help.

Office sweep

There is confidential and delicate information when it comes to a workspace and it is important to keep this data out of public view. An office sweep is one of the most common types of services a bug sweeping company offers- and most of the time there are two scenarios to consider: the office environment could be bugged either by unhappy employees seeking to gather personal information about other staff members or by competitors, which is even a bigger threat to your company’s data breach.

Corporate espionage is a serious thing and is on the rise, but our team of professionals can ensure that your business operations are safe and away from the eyes of your competitors or even business partners who try to leverage data.

Home sweep

Celebrities are the most exposed to being bugged but that doesn’t mean that this cannot happen to regular people. Private individuals can be at risk for surveillance due to custody cases, business developments or other legal battles. Whatever your situation is, feeling “watched” or unsafe in your own home can make your day-to-day life very stressful. A professional bug sweeper can help you figure out whether there are surveillance devices present in your house and make you feel safe again by debugging your property.

What Are The Next Steps After A Bug Sweep?

If you had your property inspected by a professional bug sweeper and they got rid of the listening or recording device, the next step would be to come up with a counter-surveillance strategy to keep your privacy safe. This means that our team might recommend tracking who enters your home and when scheduling regular bug sweeps going forward and installing a surveillance system to check in real-time for the intruders.

Anti-bugging devices- when to use one?

If you are under the suspicion of being placed under surveillance either in your home or office, you might have looked at the anti-bugging devices available on the market. However, these can rarely detect bugs, especially if these were planted by professionals, so your best bet would be getting a counter-surveillance expert.

However, in the first instance, you can check your physical spaces like your home, office, hotel room or car for hidden cameras, or mics. Check for anything out of place – like a piece of furniture or any other object, as a bug could be lodged in a very unexpected object, in plain sight.

Another way you could try to detect a bug would be to switch all of the lights off and do a visual check of the space- a camera usually has a tiny red or white light when recording or you could shine a torch to see if you can catch any reflection from a potential camera lens.

Your best bet would be to leave the bug detection to a professional, trained eye, as in most cases, these devices can be impossible to locate.



Nowadays, a data breach is a very serious matter, as it has become increasingly common for individuals to use bugging devices to invade other people’s privacy and get valuable information for all kinds of purposes, including blackmail. If you are concerned that your privacy might be invaded or you feel unsafe or being watched, the best solution is to hire a specialized agency -our bug sweeping services can help you get to the bottom of it. Your case will be handled by trained investigators who will ensure that you will feel secure once again and will offer their support after the sweeping service is completed.

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