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About Us

Our Vision

Every brand has stories to tell—stories that will not only engage, inform, surprise, delight, and impact their audience, but that will also deliver on measurable goals. And PRIVIN is the conduit between tailoring your investigative needs and finding your answers.

Adept in private investigations and protection consulting, we assist Client’s with finding solutions to their everyday lives. Once the solutions to a Client’s problem have been identified, we execute an action plan to obtain the information that is needed. Informed decisions, and action yielding objectives are the recipe for success.

Our Team

Our Team at PRIVIN is comprised of the most professional investigators in the industry. Having backgrounds in prior government, law enforcement and military intelligence related fields, we provide the most cutting edge solutions to clients problems. In the event you or a client of yours requires a native language other than English, we have translators and native speakers on standby to assist you with your case. 


With over 14 years in law enforcement, intelligence, and private investigations, the founder of Privin Network saw a gap in the private investigation industry, and the integrity in which investigations were being conducted. Many private investigators that comprise the industry today are civilians with no law enforcement experience. Our network of private investigators and its reach is immeasurable, as it stretches over 150+ countries. We look forward to assisting you with your investigation, and look forward to building a professional working relationship with clients of all types.