Social Media (OSINT)

Social Media (OSINT) Investigation

Social media has become an integral part of our lives, and just about everyone uses it to share information on various platforms. The availability of a wealth of information on social media has made it one of the Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) core subsets. At Privin Consulting Network, we use active and passive tactics to gather crucial information and personalized actionable-intelligence for our clients for various purposes. Our research spans public and private databases, various social media platforms, public records, online databases, search engines, and more.

At Privin Network, we use advanced and high-end software to accurately scan various social media platforms for any specific information our clients need for decision-making, recruitment, investigative purposes, negotiation, reputation management, business purposes, etc. Our access to many tools, resources, networks, and technology supported by human intelligence on the ground helps our clients get the evidence and information they need.

Why Is Social Media Investigation Needed?

Social media investigation helps to find evidence and information to present in court cases to support and build merit. It helps establish character profile, disqualify alibi, support alibi, and supplement evidence in various ways. The increase in the use of social media related evidence in court cases for business lawsuits, corporate lawsuits, background check, risk assessment, criminal trials, custody cases, divorces, and more, has significantly increased the importance of social media investigation in recent times.

If you are pursuing a suspect for any reason or looking for some crucial information about a subject, the first place you should look at is social media. However, a layman without access to advanced tools and mechanisms can’t achieve results. It is where the expertise of licensed investigative consultants at Privin Consulting Network comes into the picture.

What We Do?

When handling social media investigation, we target a specific set of case-specific and relevant keywords and look for data about the subject’s past and present history. Any relevant information pertaining to the case can be tracked on social media using our high-powered software, which not only searches for relevant information but tracks the subject’s online activity at present. The entire investigation procedure focuses on achieving the case’s key goals to achieve the desired results without wasting time. Our private investigators at Privin Consulting Network are trained researchers, which helps determine where to look rather than getting lost in the ocean of information available on social media. It is what helps us get results quickly.

Why Choose Us?

With us, you can be sure of getting professional services with a customized plan that only focuses on getting accurate results swiftly. Our services include –

  • Quality Control Assurance to ensure you get easy-to-consume, accurate, and comprehensive reports.
  • Customized reporting to ensure you get the data you’re looking for.
  • Unmatched customer service that is consistent and reliable.
  • Highly trained and licensed social media analysts and private investigators.
  • Our services are 100% compliant with legal laws, and we capture data only ethically and legally.

Our Process

Complete our Free Consultation Form:

To begin, please fill out our consultation request form online to speak with one of our private investigators. Our in house agents will then tailor the investigation with action yielding objectives to reach your results.


Connect With One of Our Private Investigators:

A private investigator may field the inquiry prior to reaching out in order to understand the situation and prepare. Questions asked by the agent may be one or all of the following:

  • Does this investigation have reasonable purpose?
  • Where is the Subject or Matter located?
  • Can you provide specific information in which you are seeking to obtain?
  • Do you have any knowledge or intel that you would like our agents to investigate further?
  • What information on the Subject or matter have you found already?
  • Would you like any close associates or persons investigated as well?

Your Investigation:

Once a case action plan has been identified, your assigned private detective will begin the investigation. An example of the investigative process may look like such:

  • Immediate Action. Your case will be immediately assigned and work will begin within the first 12-24 hours.
  • Corroborating facts. Is the information provided to the investigator sound?
  • Execution of Case Action Plan. We assign the most fit investigator to achieve the most valuable results.
  • Case Action Updates. Your investigator will provide you with status updates and obtained information regularly.
  • Facts. After obtaining the information sought after, we comb through the case file and ensure no steps or information had been missed.
  • Final Report. Compiling your case report may be the most crucial part. We ensure professionalism and accuracy.

Our team of highly trained professional investigators will obtain information on the specific person or object. Actions in accordance with legal guidelines, time tailored for your case, and proper reporting are all necessary for a private investigator to fulfill a proper investigation. Premarital investigations may require additional time outside the 4 hour minimum that PRIVIN has in place to conduct a professional investigation.


Completion of Your Case:

The investigator assigned to your Premarital Investigation case will provide you with a written report for you to review. Additionally, the report is reviewed by the client and investigator for accuracy. Any questions the client may have will be answered accordingly.

Being the professionals that we are, in the event that the client requests the assigned agent to appear in court, we are able to coordinate the evolution.

Confidentiality is paramount and therefore all communication between a client, and the assigned investigators will be kept Confidential.