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Cohabitation Investigative Services

Cohabitation Investigation

Cohabitation Investigation

At Privin Consulting Network, we understand the importance of cohabitation investigation for clients who are divorced, engaged in a legal battle for child custody, or a financial settlement matter. Our unique investigation techniques combined with our resources and vast experience, can provide you the proof of cohabitation, along with the duration of cohabitation and the intensity of the relationship. The investigative report we provide to our clients for cohabitation investigation is admissible in court and would help the court in coming to a rightful verdict regarding equitable distribution awards.

At Privin Consulting Network, we pride ourselves on having a robust local and international network, which allows us to investigate subjects anywhere in the world discreetly and legally. As far as cohabitation is concerned, it is important to note that there are more than 4 million households with unmarried couples as per the U.S. Census Bureau. Different states in the U.S. have different laws as far as cohabitation is concerned. 

At Privin Consulting Network, our investigative consultants are well-versed with cohabitation laws of different states, whether it is cohabitation Arizona or Cohabitation Michigan, and so on. We can provide you with an investigation report that would help build your case based on merit in a clear, easy-to-understand, and transparent manner, which is court-admissible.

What we provide you with

  • Credible Witness Testimony
  • Court Admissible Evidence and Facts
  • Accurate, Easy-to-Understand, and Evidence-Backed Report

When do you need a cohabitation investigation?

Cohabitation investigations are needed in a wide range of legal matters, especially concerning marital affairs. It can be broadly classified into these categories-

  • Annulment
  • Pre-Nuptial
  • Legal Separation
  • Alimony Adjustments
  • Divorce
  • Child Support Recalculation
  • Child Custody
  • Spousal Maintenance Calculations
  • Pre-Marital Background Check
  • Marriage
  • Other marital or permissible purposes.

Cohabitation investigative services are required by:

  • Arbitrators
  • Fathers
  • Spouses
  • Mothers
  • Courts
  • Mediators
  • Attorneys
  • Landlords

List of cohabitation investigation items:

  • Fluid Testing
  • Cohabitation Investigative and Survey Reports
  • Property and Assets Report
  • Asset Investigation
  • Bodily Fluid Testing
  • DNA of Skin and Hair
  • Computer/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile Usage
  • Surveillance Report
  • Email Tracing 
  • Identity Proof and Verification
  • Background Check
  • Paternity Investigation – Covert Pregnancy Testing
  • Undercover Assignments for Evidence Collection
  • Conflict of Activity
  • Photo Evidence of Unknown Subjects
  • Surface Drug Testing
  • Communications Report and Activity Tracking
  • Polygraph Examination for Lie Detection
  • Internet usage

cohabitation investigation

If, for some reason, you feel your ex-wife or ex-husband is cohabiting, the sooner you act, the better. Our experienced, licensed, and certified investigators are ready to swing into action at Privin Consulting Network as soon as we receive the case. Our vast network and resources help us collect necessary data, evidence, and information on the subject, whether it is a local case of cohabitation investigation in Arizona or abroad. 

We know what proof and documents are admissible in court, and we work accordingly to ensure you have the evidence you need to get the justice you rightfully deserve. Our cohabitation investigation spans for a few weeks and may stretch over a month because the court requires surety before concluding the case. Our cohabitation investigation is carried out discreetly and professionally while following the local laws and compliant with state cohabitation guidelines. 

Why privin network?

When you entrust us with your case for cohabitation investigation, we thoroughly study the case and the subject using our resources and network in the field. The resources and investigative technology at our disposable is not available to a layman, and it is what makes our services valuable for you. 

Irrespective of the case’s complexity, we know how to get around it in a legal and time-sensitive manner to present you with accurate and reliable data needed to strengthen your case. Privin Consulting Network works closely with local authorities, law firms, corporations, private citizens, insurance companies, and international organizations. 

Don’t pay unfair alimony or get your child’s custody or fair child support compensation by obtaining our services. Regardless of why you require cohabitation investigation services in Arizona or anywhere else in the United States or even internationally, trust us to provide you with a comprehensive, compliant, and court-admissible report to achieve the desired outcome. 

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If you have any queries related to cohabitation investigation or want to commence a cohabitation investigation professionally, trust Privin Consulting Network to offer you professional, thorough, and reliable private investigative services. Call us at 1(855) 577–4846 for a free consultation today!