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Congratulations! You’ve made it this far and have made the decision to reach out to a Private Investigator in hopes that you may be able to find the answers that you are seeking. After searching the internet for the right Investigator, you’ve decided to Take Action. A phone call may be the deciding factor in your case, which could potentially be life-changing. 

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Provide Detail

Providing detail about your case may be the most important part of any Investigation. You want to make sure that any details you provide are true and accurate on all accounts. Being truthful may keep you within the legal framework of any case, especially when involving legal counsel on either end. Details that may be important can include demographics of the area the case is being performed, description of the person you are investigating and any additional information that may involve any inner workings of the Investigation. 

Our Agreement

After speaking with one of our professionals and tailoring your case, we come to an agreement in regards to terms, conditions and funds to support your case type. The private investigation industry is known for receiving retainer amounts to support cases, much like attorneys. Our staff then bills against the retainer placed in order to make informed decisions with action yielding objectives. All information between the two parties will always be strictly confidential as bound by the signed agreement.