Will Pretexting Be A Thing Of The Past?

Pretexting Be A Thing Of The Past

The FCC has recently released a mandate in reference to pretexting and the phone companies guidelines to implement caller ID to combat spoofed phone calls. Pretexting has been an essential tool used by private investigators to obtain information from someone about something.

Example: “Hello, my name is _____ _____, I work with Hire right, and I’m calling about an employee that used to work there named ______. Would you be able to answer a few brief questions in relation to his or her employment while at the company?”

Example: “Good Afternoon my name is _____ _____, and I work with FedEx customer care. I’m trying to deliver a package to a _____ _____ (insert random or old address here). It is a signature required package, is there a time frame for delivery that would be best?”

The information obtained over the phone is much easier to obtain rather than in person, as the information being provided to the Subject in the case is relevant, and they may be expecting something in the mail (above example). This is what some may call life-hacking, and although investigators attempt to do this within the legal parameters, the FCC is cracking down on all the scams out there. We all know the home warranty calls received on a weekly, if not daily basis.

The information that private investigators obtain may change due to this mandate. Without pretexting, we may have to find other methods of approach, communicating with relatives, or directly with subjects. Being able to confirm information will be placed heavily on skip tracing service providers and the phone companies themselves. This although doesn’t answer the question as to how VoIP caller ID’s will be dealt with. While many companies overseas may not be affected by the FCC regulations, they may have to intervene with app providers (Apple, Google Play Store). There will always be a work around, as private investigators find new methods of approach each day.

“The FCC estimates that the benefits of eliminating the wasted time and nuisance caused by illegal scam robocalls will exceed $3 billion annually, and STIR/SHAKEN is an important part of realizing those cost savings. Additionally, when paired with call analytics, STIR/SHAKEN will help protect American consumers from fraudulent robocall schemes that cost Americans approximately $10 billion annually. Improved caller ID authentication will also benefit public safety by reducing spoofed robocalls that disrupt healthcare and emergency communications systems. Further, implementation of STIR/SHAKEN will restore consumer trust in caller ID information and encourage consumers to answer the phone, to the benefit of consumers, businesses, healthcare providers, and non-profit organizations.”

For more information you may view the mandate here.

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Will Pretexting Be A Thing Of The Past?


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