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Will Pretexting Be A Thing Of The Past?


Pretexting Be A Thing Of The Past The FCC has recently released a mandate in reference to pretexting and the phone companies guidelines to implement

Obtaining all of the facts necessary to put a case together can be one of the most trying tasks for a private investigator to undertake. Observing

Are Private Investigators Worth It? I get asked this question quite frequently. “Are Private Investigators Worth It?” The answer

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choosing the right payment method

Choosing the Right Payment Method: Benefits and Drawbacks Explained


Choosing the right payment method can make or break the effectiveness of your financial transactions. This article provides you with an in-depth

What is Corporate Intelligence?


What is corporate intelligence? It’s the lifeline for businesses striving to outmaneuver competition and preempt market shifts. This article

How to Catch Employee Fraud: Detecting and Preventing Employee Theft


Every year, employee fraud causes businesses to lose millions of dollars, and a significant portion of this loss can be attributed to employee

10 Signs that Your Business Partner is Defrauding You


Like any relationship, trust is essential in business partnerships. But when fraud sneaks in, it can turn even the best alliances upside down,

Common Child Custody Issues – Private Investigator Insights


Child custody cases stand as some of the most challenging cases in domestic investigations. At Privin, we handle numerous cases concerning child

How Private Investigators Help Solve Cold Cases


Despite significant advancements in forensic technology and innovative investigative techniques, cold cases often stand as daunting reminders

Can a Private Investigator Help Solve a Murder?


Did you know that in many unsolved murder cases, the turning point often comes not from traditional law enforcement, but from the keen eye of

How Private Investigators Help in Conducting Hate Crime Investigation 


In 2022, as reported by the U.S. According to the Department of Justice, there were 11,634 hate crime incidents involving 13,337 offenses, indicating

Retail Theft Rates in America 2024


Overview of Retail Theft Rates in America (2024) Shrink Rate Increase: The average shrink rate in retail climbed to 1.6% in recent years,

Crime Rates in Colorado: A Closer Look at Trends


Crime, a persistent concern across the United States, manifests uniquely in each state, and Colorado is no exception.  Understanding

Can a Private Investigator Access Financial Records?


Ever faced a situation where you needed to access financial records? Whether it’s for legal battles like divorce settlements, investigating

How a Private Investigator Proves Infidelity in a Relationship


When you’re faced with the possibility of infidelity in your relationship, a situation that sadly affects 15-20% of married couples, you