5 Types Of Background Checks And Why They Are Useful

Types Of Background Checks And Why They Are Useful

  1. Tenant Screening

Have you decided to place your house on the market for renters? In many cases home owners or management companies like to look into a person’s history in order to see if they are fit to live at the residence. A background check or other services can provide insight on prior liens and judgements as well as criminal history in order gauge a tenant and their personal responsibility.

  1. Business Opportunities or Investments

Are you looking to invest in a company or provide shares or ownership to another person? Investigators are great at looking into a person’s profile, and obtaining additional information on a subject’s day-to-day activities. A database run background check may not provide all the information a client may be searching for. Information such as social media and how a person carries themselves outside of professional interactions at the workplace or in their free time. Additionally, information found on the people they may interact with could impact your decision to proceed with either of the following.

  1. New Hire Employee

A new employee’s interview went great, but do we know enough about them? A private detective may conduct a background check on a new hire to gather information on prior employment. Many employers want to see if you have retained employment, or jumped from employer to employer. In many cases, job hopping can be a tall tale sign of a new employee’s considerations for your company. Although something new may be found, it is always best if the background check investigator fact-checks his or her findings. Does the employee have financial problems? If so, will those issues collide with the duties they perform and will they be trustworthy?

  1. Professional History

Has the investigator confirmed education and past employers? Had an OSINT investigation been conducted to confirm any dealings with potential competitors in the same market? These are all crucial and may even aid an OPM investigator when conducting a background for a security clearance. This may align with conducting a new hire investigation, as you want to see if the person being investigated has had many short-term jobs, been fired, or their resume does not align with the facts found.

  1. Person Locates

Have you lost a friend? Have you attempted to search for them or a loved one with no luck? Is a debt owed to you? A licensed private investigator may assist you in finding someone you wish to contact. In many cases the information that you have may just be enough. A person locate can be conducted with only the minimum requirements; name and date of birth. The information found may be insightful, showing you where they have made their mark, giving you an idea if you even wish to pursue them. Private investigators are key in finding lost persons, as the information found on the internet may not be beneficial, relevant or updated.

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