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How to Hire a Private Investigator

How To Hire A Private Investigator

Hiring a Private Investigator

Hiring a private investigator can be confusing. When searching google, the user has many options, and choosing the right person to speak with can be frustrating. Do they understand my problem? Are they listening to me? Am I confident they will achieve my desired outcome? These are all questions a client often has. The reality is that a typical client will only need the services of a licensed private investigator once in their life. The impact the private investigator has on the client is important for the industry at large. Many investigation agencies can be defined as ‘case mills’ as they take in a case, rush to an end result and off to the next. It is important to find the investigator that values your time as a client, and looks to share an everlasting relationship.

How Do I Know I’ve Found the Right Investigator?

Many clients will know if they want to work with the investigator within the first several minutes of a phone call. It is important that the investigator takes notes, references your needs within their objectives and defines an action plan leading to your end goal. It is common for a client to ask for an example report, or how the findings will be provided. Giving the client a sense of solace in their search for the truth is important. Some additional things to look for when hiring a private investigator are:

  • How long has the investigator been in business?
  • How long have they worked in the industry?
  • What tools do they have access to?
  • What associations are they a part of?
  • How are they reviewed among their peers?
  • What is their specific expertise in?

Many investigators will attempt to be experts in all things private investigations. As many companies have several subject matter experts, this can be true; but it never hurts to check. Digital footprints for private investigators such as forums and professional platforms are great ways to understand your P.I. more.

Does My Case Require A Local, National or International Investigator?

This is an important question, as some cases may not always be local in nature. With the internet, many client’s are able to find the answers they need themselves. Many public background databases are able to provide client’s with answers, making their own informed decisions. Let’s quickly breakdown the use of these types of investigators:

  • Local
    • A local private investigator is an excellent choice if you are seeking surveillance, or court records to be obtained.
  • National
    • National investigators are used in many cases requiring skip tracing, and tracking of a person that has moved.
  • International
    • International investigators are great in the event you are searching for heirs, or have trouble speaking a local language.

Our agency provides all three types of investigators, making the transition from case inception to final report easy. If you have additional questions about a private investigator near you, feel free to call us and we will assist you appropriately. We make it our mission to connect the dots for you, giving you peace of mind.


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