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How a Private Investigator Proves Infidelity in a Relationship

How a Private Investigator Proves Infidelity in a Relationship

It is an unfortunate reality that men and women will cheat in a marriage. About 15-20% of all married couples will experience infidelity. Those percentages only grow the older the married couple gets. We have all heard the reasons why. Maybe one person in the relationship is working extra hours and not paying enough attention to the other, or something changes in the lifestyle of a partner, causing them to seek out like-minded companionship.

Whatever the underlying issue, hiring a private investigator for infidelity happens often. When the hidden late-night text messages start pouring in, or the sudden need to work more overtime becomes a giant red flag, spouses seek out professional advice to figure out if their instincts are authentic or not.

You want to work with a team that is subtle in its operations. A professional team that places a high value on privacy and remaining in the background so, in those cases where cheating is not occurring, your partner is none the wiser. Maybe they just need some more time to themselves because they are going through a personal issue completely unrelated to cheating. That is why knowing the truth is so critical before you make an accusation.

What Methods are Used to Catch Infidelity?


Catching an actively cheating partner can be challenging because it involves verifiable proof. Hanging out at the pool with a few female friends while in your bathing suit does not mean a husband is stepping out on his wife. He could just honestly be happy talking to people and wishes his wife would join him.

That is why different methods are utilized to ensure the correct information is discovered. This can include:

Online Investigations

Social media and dating sites say way more about the intentions of a possible cheating spouse than anything else. It is a spyglass into the motivations behind their interactions. A like on a photo of a next-door neighbor’s recent trip to Italy may be innocent, but a shared selfie with their arm around the body of a bikini-clad coed maybe not so much.

The goal is to view the interactions between different accounts. Is there suddenly a lot of activity from a “work friend” on your spouse’s account that seems abnormal. Do they communicate in other ways? Are there pictures of them always seeming close together? What threads can be pulled on to verify if there is a relationship?

A quality private investigator will uncover the details of photos like where they were taken, what time, and any other details that allow documented evidence exposing a lie or misrepresentation of a relationship.

In-Person Surveillance

There are times when photo and video evidence will be collected in public spaces where a subject is suspected of meeting a lover. Private investigators will track a subject and document any interactions that lend themselves to infidelity. This often uncovers new information about meeting places, habits, or private apartments that the other spouse had no knowledge of before.

All of this information is carefully documented in case it is needed for court cases. This is usually a requirement with marital contracts like prenuptial agreements.

Technology Advances

There are some technologies that can be legally allowed to use in the case of tracking a potential cheater. GPS tracking or covert camera installation is allowed in many areas, as long as the spouse has given permission. In all these cases, a quality private investigator will advise you about the scope of what they can and cannot do as well as the repercussion if such devices are uncovered by the other spouse.

It is important that other avenues are uncovered first because technology is a hot-button debate topic. It is better to have documented evidence easily obtained before turning to GPS trackers.

Money Trails

Many cheaters will spend more money in places they have never done so before. Private investigators may ask to review bank statements or credit cards you provide to discover anomalies that mean they are meeting someone new. This could be anything from purchasing gifts not brought back to your home to buying hotel rooms to spending more than usual at local bars and nightclubs.

What Infidelity Evidence Holds Up in Court?

Yes, many cases of cheating end with a relationship going to divorce or separation. Others require verifiable evidence for a court hearing to prove the motivations of one spouse compared to another. This could help determine spousal support, alimony, and child support in some cases. That is why having the best available evidence is a good idea.

Photo/Video Evidence

Any kind of recording that shows infidelity is going to have great success in a court of law. As long as the video and photos can be verified to be authentic, then they will show clear evidence that the marriage has ended and it is because of this cheating behavior.

Audio Recordings

In some cases, a partner will record themselves confronting their spouse. This is a risky area of private investigation because no one wants conflict without an unbiased third party present to mediate. However, if done correctly, it can show a confession to a court.


Any kind of bank statement showing hotel charges, phone records showing texts to a lover, email exchanges, or even a social media dating profile may help a case. These are sometimes called circumstantial evidence because flirty texts by themselves are not evidence of actual infidelity. When they are paired with other evidence, they tend to paint a more reliable picture.

Unbiased Source

Hiring a private investigator is a good idea because it means you have someone involved in the acquisition of evidence that is not related or has a personal stake in your relationship. The goal is simply to do the work and show the proof, not sway the courts. That kind of evidence holds up well because it comes from a non-biased source.

What to Watch Out for?

If you do suspect your spouse of cheating, there are a few common signs to pay attention to, including:

  • They spend more time away from home at work or with a new hobby. Sudden fishing trips that only took an hour or two in the past turn into full weekends on a routine basis without coming home with fish.
  • Changes in intimacy needs where they no longer seek out sexual behaviors with you. This is more than just being a little tired. It is a conscious decision to avoid being intimate together.
  • Suddenly becoming more private with their phones or text messages. They often will leave their phone facedown next to them or pull it away if you happen to see a notification. Digital infidelity is common in relationships.
  • Their clothing may begin to smell different. This could be with perfume from a lover, tobacco or alcohol from a bar, or anything else that is abnormal to your lives together.
  • Changing their bathing habits is a sign of getting rid of the evidence of the smells or leftover materials from another lover.

The overall lesson is that habits begin to change. You know your spouse better than anyone else. Trust your instincts if you suddenly see things that have never been there before. There could be a completely innocent reason for the sudden change, or there could be someone new they are trying to impress.

It also helps to speak with your close friends that you can 100% trust. They may also notice things that you have never seen before. The best idea is to seek out an unbiased private investigator. They will give you the raw truth of the situation as they see it from a perspective free of any notions about the personality or beliefs of the other person.

Over the past few years, a more recent phenomenon has been around couples cheating due to the changes in religion and political ideology. The political divide in the US has transformed couples who suddenly find themselves on opposing viewpoints that may have never been discussed before. If you begin to see your partner hanging around potential lovers who share their belief systems, you may have a problem.

Seek Out Professional Help

No matter the reason, always seek out professional and experienced private investigators like those at Privin Network. Our team is dedicated to maintaining your confidentially. We analyze every piece and part of the situation before assigning actionable objectives, keeping an open mind along every step of the way.

Our goal is to provide the truth based on the evidence collected. We do not try to sway you one way or the other. We simply offer corroborating facts that can be used to verify your suspicions of infidelity.

Reach out to our team today and start a dialogue about your situation. We will outline our process and what to expect throughout our infidelity investigation.

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