Work From Home Employee Misconduct

Work From Home Employee Misconduct

Working from within the confined space of your home has been a challenge for some, but others see it as an opportunity to take advantage of the system; like this recent ‘time theft’ case in Canada. The office setting being a place of focus, and the ability to coordinate with colleagues has been an important part of business as we know it. As this has shifted, the accountability of employees to complete tasks has depreciated. Many companies small and large have begun hiring investigators to monitor this activity, as surveillance could find truth in accountability and productivity. Do you have doubts of work productivity? This may be where a private investigator can be useful. Private investigators have found employees engaging in extra-curricular activities during working hours. These activities can include but not limited to; outdoor activities, shopping, bars, or other activities not work related.

How can a private investigator assist?

Private investigators may be called upon to conduct surveillance in an attempt to document these activities. Surveillance is one of the best tools, when facing these doubts as imagery of an event can be taken. Additionally, a private investigator can be the balance between the subject and their employer. This is a good approach as the investigator has no personal interest in the matter. Many investigators having experience in missing persons, cases of suspected infidelity, divorce or custody, and theft from a friend or family member cases can be essential. Investigators also have experience with obtaining social media information covertly, using premade accounts.

Post investigation, the employer is able to use this report to either discipline the employee, or terminate them. The good thing about the factual evidence obtained, is that the subject is unable to devise an alibi. This small investment to protect your company, and its client’s can potentially save you thousands of dollars. If you have a feeling that an employee is engaging in extra-curricular activities, contact a private investigator to find the truth.

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