How Do Investigators Assist Lawyers?

Investigators Assist Lawyers/Attorneys

Investigators assist lawyers / attorneys in various ways and the use of investigators can be an integral part of a lawyers daily operations. Many firms across the world rely on the expertise in finding people, conducting interviews, supporting claims, reconstructing accidents and much, much more. Below we will highlight some of the ways that a private investigator can assist attorneys with their cases.

Person Locates

An attorney may need to locate a subject in order to serve them in reference to a lawsuit. Once served, the investigator can question them as a witness or to find additional leads in a case. Person locates can be important when finding an heir, as estates require such in the event of a death in the family. Many investigators have access to databases that attorneys may not invest in, giving them the upper hand when skip tracing. This helps when the investigator attempts to make contact with these people in question, and learn new information about them.

Locating Assets

A private investigator may be hired in order to find assets rather than people. People that dare to venture into business with another person may want to know the types of assets their future business partner, or spouse may have. An example of locating assets, could be for alimony type cases, where a spouse may be hiding something of value. Attorneys may want assets to be searched in an attempt to garnish wages, or seize property for judgements. Private investigators are the valued in finding assets, but must comply with laws such as the GLBA act set in place. Hard assets such as airplanes, boats, cars etc. are some of the most sought after in an asset investigation.

Digital Forensics

Digital forensics may be useful in the following areas; a crime has been committed, a spouse believes infidelity is at play, you believe your device(s) has been compromised, prove innocence or conviction in a case, and many other reasons. Our investigators use only the latest and most relevant extraction tools in the industry. You may be fooled by other online promises or quick YouTube videos purporting an excellent product for a low cost, but beware. The tools we use are highly effective and can be compared to AxiomCellebrite and other credible digital forensic tools in the industry.

Time Efficiency

Much time is spent on a case, and lawyers typically spend most of their time in the office. A private investigator can assist by the field work they conduct. Interviewing key witnesses, gathering case evidence, obtaining statement, conducting surveillance and much more. Many law firms have private investigators on stand by ready to tackle these tasks.

Reconstruction Analyzation

Investigators can analyze case information and evidence in an attempt to recreate the scene of an incident. In some cases this could be a car accident, homicide, wrong doing and so on. Bringing the facts to light is what is important when investigators reconstruct what may have occurred. For example an accident scene may still have clues left behind such as debris that may have been ejected from a vehicle. The debris or evidence may lead to a driver being under the influence. Small details are the most important, and weather can even play a role in some accident reconstruction. Now, homicide cases can be different, as weapons, blood samples and other small clues may take much coordination with various entities.

These are only some of ways investigators assist attorneys. A case may come in where an attorney client can request a something outside of what has been listed here above. Privin Network and its team stands ready to assist clients of all types. We look forward to assisting you with your case needs!

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