Private Investigator Manchester, UK

Private Investigators Manchester, UK

Privin Network’s staff of professional private investigators located in Manchester, UK can assist in a wide variety of case types. We vet only the most professional investigators in the industry, ensuring case success.

Privin Network is a private investigation firm supporting clients and businesses in Manchester, UK and the surrounding areas. We believe that a cost effective, efficient, and action-yielding approach to private investigations makes it easier to obtain results and find solutions. As technology advances, so do we. Our trained staff has access to the most state-of-the-art equipment, as the industry relies on modern solutions for modern problems.

Our staff is seasoned in surveillance footage, information technology, and human intelligence. We make it our mission to provide you with the most high-quality investigation the industry has to offer. We also have private investigators in West Haven and Bristol that handle any investigations.

Professional Investigator In Manchester, UK

If you are in search of the truth, look no further. Our team of professional investigators located in Manchester are meticulously vetted, ensuring they have years of experience and knowledge. Our network of private investigators have years of experience with businesses, lawyers and private individuals. A brief description of the services we provide regularly to attorney clients, individuals and organisations are:

This is only a small list of the services we offer at Privin Network.

Additionally, we provide experienced legal support for cases involving expert witnesses, wrongful deaths, interviews and statements, expert witnesses, person locates, and false claims.

Surveillance Investigators Manchester, UK

Surveillance is one of the most useful tools a private investigator has to offer. Industry professionals call this HUMINT or Human Intelligence as investigators gather information on a person by tracking their movements either remotely, or physically. The types of surveillance we offer are:

Physical surveillance – Our agency can provide personal surveillance in any city near Manchester, UK. Our agents are highly skilled in physical surveillance, using the latest technology to provide our clients with quality photo and video. This type of surveillance is efficient in documenting physical activity in the open, or in private locations such as bars, venues or other outdoor locations.

Covert camera surveillance – The installation of a camera in your place of business for theft, or product integrity can be useful. In the event that you are seeking this service for a nanny in Manchester, we can install devices that look like regular household items as well.

Tracking surveillance – Placing a GPS tracking device on a shipment, or vehicle can provide you with location of a package at any time. We are able to monitor the package on the move, and provide you with updates along the way.


Why Hire A Local Manchester, UK Investigator?

Our bias toward action gives us the ability to work your case quickly and efficiently. It’s what sets our Manchester private investigators apart from the others in the industry. Our access to modern databases, providing accurate and day-breaking information helps thousands of cases and clients that we come in contact with. Our connections and the network we’ve built, comes with years of experience and tutelage. To compliment our services, we also have private investigators on standby in surrounding areas, at the ready to assist now. Our team is personable and friendly, when our investigators aren’t on the job, they are out finding Things to do in the area with their families.

At Privin Network we believe that time is of the essence. Instead of spending countless days in the field, obtaining only surveillance footage; we pride ourselves in providing an action plan with proper execution. Gathering information or “compiling action-yielding objectives” is part of our ethos. Knowing where to find proper information takes time, skill and experience.

Being cost-effective does not mean that the job will not be completed properly. With the proper tools, action plan and client expectations, we can save client’s time and money. The tools that our private investigator in Manchester will use, will align with just that. These tools can include such things as equipment, databases (OSINT), and human contacts or (HUMINT). Our Manchester, UK PI’s will use the proper tools and resources to solve our client’s problems and communicate effectively, ensuring success.

Sharing Information With Your Manchester Investigator

Upon retaining one of our Manchester Private Investigators, our relationship will begin with the exchange of information. This is the most important part of the investigation, as the information provided to us will expedite the investigative process. The more detail you provide in reference to the subject, the quicker the investigation can begin. The information given can also lead to a quicker result, as we can pinpoint where to focus our efforts in an investigation.

Although frowned upon, there have been cases where client’s withhold information in reference to a subject. It is both the client and the investigators duty to ensure that any case conducted is done ethically. This has an adverse effect on the investigation and can create doubt on both the company and client end. In the event that information is withheld and the investigator does not find the information you know, it may be against the service agreement you signed, in turn voiding the investigation altogether.

All clients have a duty to report the facts prior to a case commencing. Giving the investigator the opportunity to work the investigation to its full potential. Maximize your funds and the outcome of a case but doing such.


How Much Do Investigators Cost In Manchester, UK?

Private investigation costs vary based on the case needing to be performed and the time it takes to complete it. Additional costs can be associated with a private investigator such as travel and mileage, but in most cases those costs are included in the hourly rate. Our services in Manchester puts our agents in a great location to service all nearby local areas of Manchester, UK.

It is the industry standard to place the investigation agency on retainer, and the agency to bill against the deposit. Retainers are in place for various reasons such as billing expenses, proper scheduling, and funds to complete the outlined investigation that is requested.

Investigations such as background checks, subject screening or health and welfare checks can be billed at a flat rate. Although these can be a flat rate, many investigation agencies still prefer retainers, as the case direction can change. Hourly rates are typically for surveillance cases, working with law firms, insurance agencies and other industry agents. Although a case can be an hourly rate, there are additional fees like travel, mileage and report writing.

The price range for these services in Manchester may range from £300-£3000 or higher depending on the depth of the service requested by the client.

Our Investigative Process In Manchester, UK

Complete our Free Consultation Form:

To begin, please fill out our consultation request form online to speak with one of our private investigators. Our in-house agents will then tailor the investigation with action yielding objectives to reach your results.

Connect With One of Our Private Investigators:

A private investigator may field the inquiry prior to reaching out in order to understand the situation and prepare. Questions asked by the agent may be one or all of the following:

  • Does this investigation have reasonable purpose?
  • Where is the Subject or Matter located?
  • Can you provide specific information in which you are seeking to obtain?
  • Do you have any knowledge or intel that you would like our agents to investigate further?
  • What information on the Subject or matter have you found already?
  • Would you like any close associates or persons investigated as well?

Your Investigation:

Once a case action plan has been identified, your assigned private detective will begin the investigation. An example of the investigative process may look like such:

  • Immediate Action. Your case will be immediately assigned and work will begin within the first 12-24 hours.
  • Corroborating facts. Is the information provided to the investigator sound?
  • Execution of Case Action Plan. We assign the most fit investigator to achieve the most valuable results.
  • Case Action Updates. Your investigator will provide you with status updates and obtained information regularly.
  • Facts. After obtaining the information sought after, we comb through the case file and ensure no steps or information had been missed.
  • Final Report. Compiling your case report may be the most crucial part. We ensure professionalism and accuracy.

Our team of highly trained professional investigators will obtain information on the specific person or object. Actions in accordance with legal guidelines, time tailored for your case, and proper reporting are all necessary for a private investigator to fulfill a proper investigation. Your case may require additional time outside the 4 hour minimum that PRIVIN has in place to conduct a professional investigation.

Completion of Your Case:

The investigator assigned to your case will provide you with a written report for you to review. Additionally, the report is reviewed by the client and investigator for accuracy. Any questions the client may have will be answered accordingly.

Being the professionals that we are, in the event that the client requests the assigned agent to appear in court, we are able to coordinate the evolution.

Confidentiality is paramount and therefore all communication between a client, and the assigned investigators will be kept Confidential.


I’ve had many interactions with Privin Network and all of them have been nothing but positive. Their Professionalism and knowledge is among the best in the industry.


Very easy to work with! Went above and beyond for me, exceeding expectations! Highly recommended.


After searching for my birth parent for 10+ years, I was finally able to be reunited. During the investigation I was updated along the way and not promised the outcome, but glad I made the choice to retain them.