Discover the Quirkiest Attraction: A Fun Guide to The Gum Wall in Seattle, WA

Nestled in Post Alley, just below Pike Place Market, The Gum Wall in Seattle, WA, stands as one of the city’s quirkiest and most colorful attractions. This peculiar landmark began in the early 1990s when patrons of the Market Theater stuck their gum on the wall while waiting in line. Over the years, what started as a nuisance has transformed into a vibrant, ever-changing art installation. Learn information about Seattle, WA.

A Tourist Magnet and a Local Favorite

The Gum Wall has become a must-see for tourists and a favorite among locals. Stretching over 50 feet, the wall is covered in layers upon layers of chewed gum, creating a mosaic of colors and patterns. Visitors from around the globe contribute to this sticky spectacle, adding their own piece of gum to the growing collection. The wall is a popular spot for photos, with many visitors snapping selfies in front of the gum-covered bricks. Discover facts about Dive into Adventure: Top Experiences at the Seattle Aquarium in Seattle, WA.

A Brief History and Cultural Impact

Initially, the gum was removed regularly by market workers, but the persistence of gum chewers led to the decision to let it remain. By 1999, the wall was officially deemed a tourist attraction by Pike Place Market. Despite a major cleanup in 2015, where an estimated 2,350 pounds of gum were removed, the wall quickly regained its sticky glory, proving its enduring appeal.

A Visit to Remember

When visiting The Gum Wall, it’s recommended to bring your own gum to contribute. While the wall might not appeal to everyone’s taste, it undeniably showcases the quirky and creative spirit of Seattle. For the best experience, explore the nearby shops and eateries in Post Alley and Pike Place Market, making your visit to this unusual attraction a memorable part of your Seattle adventure.