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Background Check Grass Valley, CA

Background Checks In Grass Valley, California

A background check is a critical tool used by employers to uncover important personal information about a potential employee. Such investigation actively supports employers in safeguarding the rights of their business and their employees by providing reliable information about an individual’s character and by checking for records in government databases.

In today’s money-driven, jealousy infested, and the hard-to-thy-neighbor world, knowing a person’s character is extremely important. No individual can buy their character or past, it must be researched and proven over time. Background checks are the most effective tool in vetting an individual; it involves evaluating a person’s history in several aspects like employment, marriages, legal records, financial records, residence history, education, and more. The whole intention is to verify and confirm an individual’s character to ensure that he is fit for any particular job, position, or leadership.

Privin Network provides the best professional background check services to employers in Grass Valley, CA, and its surrounding areas. Our investigative team consists of certified investigators of various backgrounds who provide the most comprehensive and professional approach to our clients. Equipped with unrivaled resources and a desire to serve, our professionals are dedicated to leveraging advanced digital technologies and techniques to provide valuable and confidential investigations and reports. 

Rest assured, not everyone can run a background check on another individual. It requires the proper licenses, insurance, and other credentials in order to gain access to these systems.  Your trust and confidence are our top priorities, and we strive to provide the most dependable, reliable-and expert service in Grass Valley, CA.

What Is Provided In A Grass Valley, CA Background Check?

A background check is a review of a person’s past and professional history. These checks are conducted in order to find information that could not otherwise be public.  A background check may include information such as: bankruptcies, liens, judgements, criminal history or record, professional licenses, political affiliation, permits, address history, phone numbers, email addresses and of course names they have had or been associated with. Much of this information is found when private investigators are established with companies such as TLO, IDI, Delvepoint, LexisNexis, Tracers, etc. There are many platforms used by private detectives to find this information, and in order to have access to these platforms the agencies must have proper private investigations licenses, carry proper insurance, bonds and have their place of business inspected by the platform they use. The inspection is conducted to ensure that confidentiality and legality measures are in place.

When Should You Get A California Background Check?

Whether it’s finding the right member for your crew, giving a comprehensive insurance quote, or trying to decide your best option for a ‘date night nanny’, background checks with Privin Network are a relatively easy and secure way to measure someone’s integrity. Although some people may think they are an unnecessary expense, the cost of going through the process is far more affordable when compared to the liabilities you may open yourself up to otherwise.

Background checks aren’t just for employers, it’s also helpful to run a check on yourself every now and then to make sure the information being reported is accurate. Many of us have heard anecdotes about a friend of a friend who had their identity mistaken for someone else’s, and it ended up causing them a headache at one point or another. This can be especially common in large extended families where names are reciprocated generationally.

What Information is Helpful When Requesting a Background Check?

  • A full name is always the first step in securing an accurate background check. It is not uncommon for background check requests to be submitted without a middle name, which can sometimes lead to misinformed reports and unexpected consequences for both parties.  
  • Date of birth is a less important but still helpful piece of information to know. We can typically ascertain the correct subject of the investigation just based on a full name, but in highly populated cities like Atlanta, Los Angeles, NYC, and Phoenix
  • A last known location  is another helpful addition, as it can be utilized  to track down prior movements, and form a more comprehensive picture of their history. Often-times in the course of our investigations, we are able to catch small details that have gone unreported because of aliases, clerical errors, etc.

What Are The Background Checking Services We Offer To Our Clients In Grass Valley, California?

Our services include the following background checking services:

  • Criminal History Check
    • County criminal/civil courts
    • Federal and state criminal records
    • National criminal databases
    • Sex offender registries
    • Domestic and global terrorist watch lists
  • Prior Employment Verification
    • Do you have a candidate with an impressive resume? Resume fraud is on the rise, especially with the slow shift to work-from-home positions 
  • Education Verification
    • Don’t get fooled by someone who got their degree through a mill-type program that requires little to no academic effort
  • Reference Check
    • We are prepared to reach out and interview individuals for character reference checks. An independent source such as an investigator can sometimes convey a seriousness to the situation that’s good for reading-between-the lines during calls that are all too often a formality because they are difficult to verify
  • Drug/Alcohol Crimes
    • For some industries, this is a no brainer. Everyone has a past. Though they may be passionate about your business, in industries such as cannabis or beverage it might not be worth the liabilities
  • Sexual Offender Registry Search
    • One of the most important things to check when considering a new hire! You never want to be caught in a situation where you could’ve kept your staff and customers safe by doing a thorough background search
  • Credit Background Check
    • Although banned in some areas, credit checks based on reports from the three big bureau’s (Equifax, Transunion, and Experian) can be used to gauge a person’s fiscal responsibility, which can be vital in the financial sectors
  • Social Media & Internet Check
    • Media background checks can be a great way to round-out a candidates profile, providing minor insights that can help you decide if they are the right fit
  • Driving Record
    • Traffic accidents
    • Driving record infractions
    • Current drivers license status(active/suspended/revoked)
    • DUI’s in public record
    • Other traffic law violations, convictions, and fines
  • Professional License & Certificate Confirmation
    • Many trades require professional licensing in order for the work to be lawful
  • Social Security Number Trace
    • By matching the information provided in their I-9 to the DHS and Social Security Administration’s records, employers can ensure they employ people that are legally allowed to work in the country.

Does Enough Fraud occur to warrant a Grass Valley background check?

There are typically two types of people who have background checks performed in Grass Valley, CA on a regular basis: employers and landlords.  When your reputation, property, or productivity depends on having a group of like-minded and QUALIFIED individuals on hand, it’s important to know who will help you reach your goals, and who might cause you to get stuck in the weeds.

Below are some statistics on fraud, that may shine some light on how prevalent the problem is in today’s modern era:

  • It’s estimated that roughly around 40%(!) of resumes contain misleading information
  • More than 80% of landlords surveyed say they have had to deal with tenant fraud, with most of them reporting they were unaware of the fraud until the tenant missed their first rental payment. Furthermore, half of them lasted 6 months on the property with 7% of them making it through a whole year. Obviously, this can have major consequences for landlords caught unaware. 
  • 20% of job seekers aren’t completely honest when it comes to their education. Some of the things applicants lie about include what they majored in, what school they attended and what degree they earned. 
  • Applicant fraud has increased 9% month-over-month since the COVID-19 crisis hit 

What are the Limitations of a Background Check in Grass Valley, California?

Though we’ve spent this article talking about the benefits of running a background check, we feel it’s important to share some information about ways in which a background check can (in some circumstances) make the vetting process more complicated. 

An observable issue is that depending on which database you are using, details on your subject could be scarce, to non-existent, to wrong. This is especially true when people fall into the trap of using cheap sites, where computer programmers (NOT qualified California investigators), use already available public information to give you a report that on the surface looks comprehensive, but doesn’t actually tell you what you need to know when making a serious decision. Even worse, some of these sites provide information for people that is simply not true. Imagine the competitive edge you could be sacrificing by basing your choice off of a sham site. 

Another unfortunate side effect of these reports is that they are strictly fact based while being difficult to navigate and verify without the proper resources. An example is the revelation of a criminal history when considering a prospective employee, even though they may have interviewed well and amended their ways to be a functioning member of society. In that case, even though it might be easiest to disregard them completely and move on to the next option, the thought of losing valuable prospects over an incomplete perspective is something many employers would like to avoid. The easiest way to do this is to only ask pertinent questions about someone’s criminal history in relation to the job duties.

Benefits Of Hiring Privin For a Background Check In Grass Valley, CA

The best way to ensure that all of the information you receive is accurate and up-to-date is by hiring a Privin Network PI. We have the tools, know-how, and passion to dig deeper than your average sleuth and provide you with a trusted voice to guide you through your case. We have extensive experience navigating California court records, uncovering hidden assets, and putting together the puzzle pieces needed to inform you of the next step. 

Our agency operates to serve the public. We are well known for providing efficient background checks on various people throughout our time in operation. Our methods are swift, effective and come at an affordable price, making it easier for you to get the verification done without any hassle. 

Put your trust in us. Contact us today for more information!


What’s the turnaround time on a background check?

  • Typically 2-3 business days, depending on the complexity of the background check. In some cases we are able to expedite the process and provide same-day service.

What criminal records are shown on a background check?

  • Federal and state crimes will appear on your record, however investigators do not have access to sealed records, in situations where the subject went through a diversion program to have the infraction removed, or was a juvenile at the time of the crime.

Can employers/renters discriminate against me solely because of my criminal history?

  • Unfortunately for some, a criminal past can absolutely cause you to miss out on future opportunities, as both landlords and business owners need to protect their interests and will oftentimes go with the least-risky choice. 

How can I be sure that a background check is legal?

  • It is important to understand local and national laws in regards to respecting individual privacy. Some states have varying rules on how much information you can gather about someone, which is why hiring a Privin professional familiar with regulatory compliance is always a smart investment.

What are my rights when it comes to being the target of a background check?

  • There are many types of consumer reporting agencies, such as credit bureaus and specialty agencies (agencies that sell information about check writing histories, medical records, rental history, etc). The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) promotes the accuracy, fairness, and privacy of information in the files of consumer reporting agencies. Here is a summary of your major rights under FCRA.

Is my information protected?

  • Your information is absolutely protected. We would never sell any information on a client or the subject of their investigation. Additionally, we only share your information with the client we have entered into a confidential agreement with. 

How can I be prepared for a background check?

  • There are definitely a couple of steps you can take to make the background check process easier on yourself. Hard copies of your identifying info (State-Issued ID, SS Card, Passport), past employer information, and documentation verifying your schooling and license qualification are all things that can quickly resolve any disputes caused by discrepancies in your background check. 

For more information, contact us at 1 (855) 577-4846 or email us at

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